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Brown Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian dogs are the type of dog species which originated from the breeding of Spitz type dogs.
They are originated in the Germany at 18th century.

These Pomeranian dogs’ breeding was done in the area where North Poland and Germany along the Baltic Sea. This area was known as Pomerania. It was done at 2nd November 1764. Two members of the Royal British Family were involved for the breeding evolution of the Pomeranian dogs. Queen Victoria, Mozart, Emile Zola, and Marie Antoinette are all owned Pomeranians. In the modern time North Eastern Germany and North Western Poland are mentioned as these Pomeranian dogs’ originated places.

Pomeranian dogs are strong and very healthy dog species. Other names of these Pomeranian Puppies are mentioned as Deutscher Spitz, Zwergspitz, Spitz nain, Spitz enano, Pom and Zwers. These Pomeranian dogs are looking really cute and lovable. Their complete life span is ranged in between 12 – 16 years. According to their general appearance Pomeranian dogs may look quite small and their body weight is ranged in between 1.9 – 3.5 kg. And also the standard height of the Pomeranian dog is ranged in between 13 – 28 cm. Normally the body color of these Pomeranian dogs may showing white or sometimes it shows brown or black color in their body appearance.

Pomeranian Dogs Breed Characteristics:

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In the present time we can see the Pomeranian dogs which having various/ multi colors as their body color. For an examples white, black, brown, red, orange, cream, blue, sable, black and tan, brown and tan. But among these colors, most commonly we can see the orange, black or cream/ white colors in Pomeranian Puppies. Their nose is rounded and black in color. They have very slanted eyes which looking very innocent. Pomeranian dogs can see their surrounding objectives in black and white manner. They have a good instinct like some other type of dogs. They have very strong jaws and teeth. Pomeranian dogs’ limbs are well muscular and strong. Their nails are sharp and long. These dogs have short tail. To show their friendly manner they shaking their tail while seeing the owner.

Brown Pomeranian Puppies

Brown Pomeranian Puppies

Black And White Pomeranian Dog

Black And White Pomeranian Dog

Black Pomeranian Puppies

Black Pomeranian Puppies

White Pomeranian Dog

White Pomeranian Dog

These Pomeranian dogs having thick double coat in their body. And also it is not become trouble while grooming. To maintain the quality of this coat the Pomeranian dogs done the grooming process every day. Outer coat of the Pomeranian dog is straight and long. But the under coat is soft, thick and short. This coat may knot and tangle easily while the undercoat is shedding. This process may happen once per two years. These Pomeranian dogs are generally very friendly, playful and lively. But they show their aggressive dog behavior while seeing other types of dogs.

These Pomeranian dogs can tolerate the changes that occur in the surrounding environment and they have ability to alter and aware from these kinds of issues. They are very much specified for that. This Pomeranian dog’s species are very intelligent. They can bark according to the new stimulation that occurs in their surroundings. They showing defense around their territory. Pomeranian dogs can be trained easily and after the training they respond well at any type of situation happened. These dogs may very helpful for the busy people and elders. Pomeranian dogs are very cozy dog type. When comparing to their body size they have more loud bark. They have the qualities of loyalty, kindness, obedience, etc.

General Health About Pomeranian

Hip diaplasia is a very uncommon disease in between the Pomeranian Puppies because they having a light weight. But as the other types of dogs these Pomeranian dogs also can be arise some dog health problems. The main reason for this is not paying attention to the clearing of ears, teeth and eyes. Likewise Luxating Palella is another health problem. The main effect of this disease is the malformation of trauma. And also due to the weakness of the tracheal ring in the wind pipe, the disease named tracheal collapse also can be occurring. For this Pomeranian dogs , the condition known as black skin disease can be occur due to the combination of the loss of hairs (alopecia) and darkening of the skin (hyper pigmentation). Most of the male Pomeranian dogs may affected by this severe condition than the female dogs. And also this disease type can be inherited from generation to generation.
Another common disorder is Cryptochidism. This is mainly affected to the male dogs. This disease may occur in either one or both testicles of the male Pomeranian dogs.
Recommended daily amount of Feeding : 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.

From the puppy time to adult these Pomeranian dogs must have to provide better and sufficient foods and beverage. During the puppy time of the Pomeranian dogs must have to give foods often but little by little. Qualities of these foods are very important. Mostly can provide meats, canned puppy foods and milk. Vaccination also very important to maintain the health of the dogs. According to their age ranges medical recommended drugs and vaccination must have to be given.

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Pomeranian dog breed characteristics

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