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5 Fun Ways You & Your Dog Can Lose Weight

If you are at that point where your pants are feeling a bit tighter than usually and your dog would rather lay down then play and run about, then it might be time to consider losing a few pounds.

Luckily for you, there is already a willing and loyal partner to support you and keep you company on this weight loss journey. In fact there are plenty of great ways to burn calories together, and today, we’d like to share some fun ideas which may inspire you to get outside with your dog and get active!

1. Play Fetch at the Dog Park

lose dog weight
Nothing makes most dogs happier than a light-hearted game of fetch with their owners. Better yet, with such a large collection of dog toys available online, why don’t you make things fun and interesting? Instead of throwing that old tennis ball or stick, try throwing around a new toy bone or a creative toy with a hidden tracker. There are so many great accessories at online pet stores which help freshen up the whole fetch experience. Plus you can make a walk out of it and even tone your arms as you throw.

2. Go for a Hike with your Dog

lose dog weight
Hiking is also a great way to see new things with your dog, as you both move around and remain active. Look for interesting hiking trails in your area and then explore with your pooch. Be sure to check local regulations. Make sure that the hiking trails are safe for dogs and dog-friendly in general. It’s so nice to go on hikes in wooded areas which are away from the city and your dog will probably love being out in nature with you.

3. Go to Doggie Boot Camp

lose dog weight
These days, many dog owners want to find exceptional and new fitness options which are designed to help both owners and dogs to get toned and fit. When you choose a doggie boot camp, you and your pooch will be put through your paces by a skilled instructor. This type of workout will be challenging but also a lot of fun, as you will get to meet other owners and dogs. It’s actually a great way to hang out with other dog owners and get some good cardio exercise.

4. Play in the Water

lose dog weight
These days, some people even go surfing with their dogs. If you want to do the same, you should be able to find videos and instructional information online, which show dogs surfing with their owners.

Another option is just to play in the water with your pet (weather permitting). Some people also play fetch as they wade in local waterways which are flanked by beaches. Others prefer to swim with their pets. While most local pools do not allow dogs, there should be plenty of pet friendly waters in your community where you and your dog can swim and exercise.

5. Skateboard with Your Pet

lose dog weight
Any type of exercise burns calories. If you want to do something which is a bit unique, be sure to try some skateboarding with your dog. Smaller dogs will fit onto most skateboards. Just be sure that you are controlling the skateboard well at all times, as you don’t want your beloved pet to get hurt. You’ll both get a workout as you prep your dog for a little ride and it’ll be great fun, too. Look for instructional videos if you want to see dogs and owners playing with skateboards.

Try Out Our Tips

Try one of our activities listed above, at least once a day for 30 mins and you will certainly increase you and your dog’s odds of losing weight. But if you are serious about weight loss then consult your vet about the best type of diet for your dog. Additionally do the same for yourself, do some research, consult and plan your diet with a dietitian and optionally, if you feel like you need further support during your weight loss journey, get more involve with a weight loss community or consult a supplement expert.