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8 Facts about Designer Dog Bags That Will Impress Your Friends



designer dog bags

Dog carriers allow your dog to take part in your everyday life. However, nearly all dogs feel tense when they are forced to enter a small space except they knew that is the way they won’t be left behind.

To eliminate that fear, you can check designer dog carrier at, we have stylish and affordable dog carrier you will love immediately you set your eyes on it.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]You have to start introducing the dog carrier to your dog when he is still little. Train your dog early, as a result, whenever your dog sees you, it will hop into the carrier. More so, your dog will get used to the small space of a compressed design which makes it trouble-free for you to bring him or her.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


Here are 8 fun facts about designer dog bags that will impress your friend:

1. Learn Your Relationship and Preference

Pets also have personality, some are shy, and some are timid, while some are fearless, but the bone of contention is all love attention. We develop a different level of attachment to our pets as well.

You need a dog carrier for conveying your dog to and from the vet’s office; you also need it for taking your dog to different places like the opera house, restaurant etc, that is why you should surf our website and pick the one of your choice to soothe your requirements.

It is useful because for an average size dog that weighs 6-12 lb. you might love a design that provides more than one carrying means.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much on the First Bag

For instance, dogs from the same litter can differ in size and don’t be shocked if your dog grows to be bigger than the way it was. Moreover, dogs that are active will spoil the dog carrier in no time.

Just as the perception of space varies from person to person, you also need a lot to learn concerning your behavior and what features may be the best, and that can serve your travel requirements with your pet. Your may need more storage to hold a laptop if you are bringing your pet to work and a mean to strap a jacket for your pet.
Must Have Key Features

designer dog bags

3. Zipper with Locking Device

This happens to be the most significant feature. Get a locking device with a zipper, thus the zipper can only be open from the outside by the means of lifting the zipper puller with the connected safety pin. Consequently, your dog can not force their way out from the dog carrier, which you can get at store.

4. A Sturdy Structure with Good Support

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] Get the dog carrier arranged, fill it with some item, let say cans that weigh similar to your dog full grown weight then test it on your body with the different carrying method. The shape of the dog carrier should hold logically well. Some level of compression is okay but the carrier should not subside, especially at the mid section of it. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


The carrier should not be tilted but should be leveled with the ground. It won’t sag, the base is hard enough to support and hold your pet. Make sure the weight is manageable and the strap is comfortable.

5. Use of Hygienic Material

Whether it is crumbs from the treats, hair or dirt’s trapped in your dog paws, it is important you clean the carrier from time to time. Furthermore, nearly all pet are still in training when a carrier is used for them for the first time.

Accidents do occur and a design with features that will help hold the liquid temporary is sought-after. Please do not fail to check the base support; it should be made of materials that are hygienic to facilitate frequent cleaning. It is a bad idea to have a wooden board wrapped.

6. Suitable To Your Clothing Style and Color Scheme

The number one choice despite its inconspicuous nature regardless of it style is black. Boyfriends and husband seem to be keen to share the responsibility of carrying around a small dog if the carrier happens to be black. Some people still like to have a carrier that goes with the color of their dog while some like to have a difference.

designer dog bags

7. Your Pet’s Size

Apart from birds, a dog can be taller and longer that the carrier’s height and length since our dog have a very soft body and they always curl up inside when the carrier is moving. It is very important to consider your dog size but not weight. When we say size, we mean your dog height when standing.

It is also very important that your pet should be able to stand up and turn around inside the carrier. You may not want to have the full length for the dog to fit comfortably inside as our dog bodies are very flexible.

8. Your Pet’s Type and Temperament

Do not push your dog inside a new carrier and be expecting him or her to cooperate throughout the journey. Nearly all pet love to be with you anywhere you go. When he or she is young start introducing a good designer dog bags. There are different pet with different habits.

Getting the perfect accessories will make the carrier more acceptable and comfortable mobile home for your pet. We have range of dog carriers that will meet your specific need; it is just a click away. Go to, you will be glad you do so.

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